Fitness Equipment Accessories

Fengli machinery factory mainly produces all kinds of plastic coating, plastic dipping, spraying and electroplating dumbbells and barbells, which is highly professional in the industry.

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Fitness Equipment Accessories

Comparison between plastic impregnated dumbbell and iron dumbbell:

First, the feel is different from ordinary iron dumbbells.

The second is that various colors will not fade, and the phenomenon of paint falling off is not found in plastic dipping. The adhesion after plastic dipping is very good and will not fall off one by one.

The third is the increase of product service life. If the surface treatment is painting or spraying other things, it will peel off for a long time, which will affect the service life of the product.

The fourth is that the treated plastic dipping solution meets the standard of heavy metals and does no harm to human body.

Fifthly, in this age when shopping is cost-effective, dip molded dumbbells are popular.

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